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Beautiful Villa

We As Buyer Agents...

With deep roots in the Bay Area, we've helped our clients acquire over 160 properties since 2020, totaling $260+ million in transactions. Our success is evident in our ability to secure 99% of homes below their appraised prices, and we have exclusive access to numerous off-market properties. Trust SALA Investment for a personalized, results-driven approach to meet your unique real estate needs in the competitive Bay Area market.

Track Records

Since 2020, we have helped clients buy 160+ dream houses...

Track Records

Purchased ≤ Appraisal

We NEVER Overbid or Overpay!


Understand Your Needs

We know the criteria of choosing a dream home!

Understand What You Need

House Hunting Criteria

We only buy the fittest ones that have the potentials for

your family and wealth growth...

House Hunting Criteria

Work Flow

Buy your dream houses with us!

Work Flow
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